08 June 2010

Introducing jjc

paulaKphotography is featuring Jenni Jackson Clothing. My sister's friend designs the cutest dresses and I brought a few to Twin Falls for your enjoyment. She is selling them for half price...sweet deals for darling clothes.

Take a look at these gorgeous dresses and contact me if you want a one of a kind jjc dress.

I only have a few, some of what you see here...selling for 50% off last seasons line. Can't wait to see what she will come up with for next season.












Angie said...

Hi Paula,

I'm definitely interested...What are the prices? Thanks!

paulak said...

All the dresses are just $30.00...what size are you wanting?

spirits said...

What beautiful pictures. How do I get some? Grandma Cindy

paulak said...

Grandma Cindy...you can get the ones you see on here from me...or go to jjc website.

Angie said...

Sorry Paula, it took so long...do you still have the dress Kya is wearing in the pictures?

What sizes do you have? I would like a 4T or bigger. Thanks.


paulak said...

Angie, the dress that Kya is wearing is a 7T, but as you can see, she's pulling it off as a 3 year old. (she's tall) I do have other 5T's, just different colors. Could you email me your address and I will ship it to you. Its $30, and the check goes to Jenni Jackson Clothing.

Angie said...

Wow 7T, Kya is tall. What about the black/orange or is that red? Do you have that one in a 5T? If so, then I guess I will buy that one if not then I will get the 7T dress. My address is 6211 Steed Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80922. Phone# 719-573-7518. Thanks!

paulak said...

ok, Angie...I am so sorry about being so slow. The red and black is a 4T...so I can just send you the 7T or another 5T that I have in another color.