10 February 2009

Family of Four....now!

As an introduction to the new blog layout, I am posting our most recent family pics with our new little addition. I have had a ton of fun doing pics of Little Z. Here are some of my favorites.
I am still working on my blog layout. I would apprectiate any comments on how it looks, any suggestions or ideas. I am still working on blueprints, but for now...What do you think?
Stayed tuned for more pics of just little Z.

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Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

LOVE THEM!!!! SOO precious! Love love that first one. that is so sweet. Did you put them on timer? These are wonderful fun pics

Valeri said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Heather Taylor Photography said...

oh, how incredibly sweet!!! #4 is my favorite- I would print that one huge!! :) The blog looks great, but I would clarify one thing. YOU own the copyrights to the photos no matter what. When you give the cd to the client, you are giving them a *release* to print the photos, not the copyright. It may sound trite, but trust me, it's best to clarify that. It's something I wish I would have clarified when I first started- lol! :)

Keep posting lots of pics of your sweetie- he's adorable!

Jean Smith Photography said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! i am so excited for your cute little family of four! i really love the pics of you four on the bed (the kissing one and playing one). enjoy that newborn (it sucks they are only so tiny for such a short time)!

Joanna said...

As always I think everything you do is amazing.

Alicia said...

Are you going to add past photo sessions to this blog?

The Goulds said...

Your pictures are beautiful & capture the pure joy your family has with your new addition. Congrats again!

~*~*HEIDI*~*~ said...

Love the pictures. It makes me want to have a baby just to have cute baby pictures!

Jamie Younker said...

These are SO beautiful! They really capture the moment!